The book

The Freedom Trail Pune is now available!

Travel guide on Pune

In August 2014, Janwani compiled the stories of Freedom Fighters and 29 historic sites in the city associated with Freedom Movement in a travel guide format. There are countless Pune stories from this period. The book covers known and relatively unknown sites, along with stories of events and people. The team selected sites that can be visited in Trails organized by Janwani and other associates.
The 50 page book is inclusive of photos, illustrations, interesting trivia and maps. It’s handy to carry, visually appealing and very easy to use. The book is designed as a travel guide, helpful for readers when they want to visit sites at their own pace.   It is ideal for students to gain an insight into Pune’s contribution to India’s freedom struggle in a concise attractive format. It also makes for a wonderful gift or as a souvenir to friends and family.


What’s Inside?

 29 Sites | Stories of Freedom Fighters | Landmarks | Maps | Interesting Trivia | Tourist Information

Freedom Trail Pune

Rs 175 only

Discount on Bulk Orders!

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For a preview of the book, download a PDF now!


Where to Buy?

At the Janwani Office



Flipkart | Amazon

Or Contact:

Janwani 505 B-Wing, 5th Floor, MCCIA Trade Tower, International Convention Centre, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016 Maharashtra, India. +912025709248 /


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